A dream without a plan is just a wish.

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"I have been struggling with feeling lost, hopeless and empty. I realized I am genuinely unhappy with my life right now and I am afraid of what that means. Have I wasted my whole life? What is my purpose? WHO AM I? These are just a few of the questions that have crossed my mind. Alissa has diligently worked with me to address these feelings and thoughts. She offers judgement-free guidance to aide in understanding WHY you have them and provides tools with actionable steps for you to achieve your life’s goals, whatever they may be. Since I have been working with Alissa, I have direction again. We are actively discovering my current passions and I feel empowered to do exactly that. I am confident Alissa will help you achieve your life’s aspirations, even if you don’t know what they are just yet. Trust in her, she will make it happen."

-Becca S.


The Reinvention Transformation Program

Designed to completely change the trajectory of your life. If you are craving a big change this is for you.  

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What's Possible Workshop

A online 3 hour workshop designed to help you figure out how your perfectionism is holding you back in different areas of life and what's possible for the former perfectionist version of you.

June 18th 12-3PM PST

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The Prescription For Perfectionism

A six week small group coaching program designed to help women overcome their perfectionism to enjoy life and make progress on their goals. 

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Becoming Your Best You 

A self study course to uplevel your life. 

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Life Coaching 101

Wonder what life coaching is, what it is a life coach does, and how one can help you up-level your life.


Intentional Living

Learn I incorporate living intentionally with life coaching help my clients achieve their goals.


The Model

Learn why you feel the emotions that you do and how to coach yourself to feel better. 


Getting Results

Ever wonder why some people are such high achievers? Find out the secrets to getting results.


Your best life awaits!

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